Please note that all of my books are recommended for mature readers only (mentality, not necessarily age).

  I write, design, format, and publish my own books, with quality maintained by half-a-dozen fearless proofreaders and a couple of ruthless editors. My limited editions are printed by the excellent Inky Little Fingers of Gloucester, UK using wholly recycled paper throughout wherever possible. My unlimited editions are distributed in paperback, hardback, and Kindle form via Amazon KDP, with digital editions in formats for every device made available via Smashwords and the host of distributors who stock the Smashwords Premium Catalogue*.

  My horror ebooks are available from Godless in both epub and pdf formats.

  There are also OpenDyslexic font editions of my paperbacks available from Amazon. They are linked seperately as Amazon treat them as different books for listing purposes (but not always for review purposes.)

  A selection of my ebooks are available from Google Play and Google Books. (None of the Visions of the Future anthologies or collections.)

  My publishing imprint is Lizards of the Host Publishing, but I publish and distribute my unlimited editions through Amazon to make it easier for you to get them, and to save you the shipping costs (unfortunately I cannot guarantee that these editions are printed on wholly recycled paper).

  Many of my earlier books are available to borrow from West Sussex Libraries. They currently reside at Worthing Library, but can be requested for loan by your local library.

  I’ve been a staff writer at since 2011, and have several hundred flash fiction stories published there. To browse through them, click here.


  * As of February 2023, Smashwords distribution means my ebooks can be found in: Apple Books (operates stores in 51 countries) / Barnes & Noble / Smashwords Store / Scribd / Kobo (including Kobo Plus) / OverDrive (world’s largest library ebook platform serving 20,000+ libraries) / Baker & Taylor Axis 360 (a major supplier of ebook checkout systems to public libraries) / Bibliotheca CloudLibrary (3,000 public libraries) / Odilo (2,100 public libraries in North America, South America and Europe) / Califa’s Enki (powers ebook checkout systems for over 100 California libraries) / Walmart / WH Smith, Play, and participating Booksellers Association Stores in the UK / FNAC in France and Portugal / Livraria Cultura in Brazil / Angus & Robertson, Bookworld, Booktopia, and Collins in Australia / Indigo in Canada / Feltrinelli and Mondadori in Italy / in the Netherlands / The Paper Plus Group in New Zealand / Rakuten in Japan / (now Rakuten), and participating American Booksellers Association stores in the US / PriceMinister in France / Crossword and WHSmith in India / Eason & Son Ltd in Ireland, Mondadori in Italy, National Book Store in the Philippines / Pick ‘N Pay in South Africa / La Central in Spain / Dogan in Turkey / Orbile in Mexico (Orbile is a partnership between two large Mexican book retailers, Porrúa and Gandhi) / Gardners (who power hundreds of small white label ebook stores, and Browns Books for Students, operates which powers ecommerce operations for hundreds of physical stores; operates Askews & Holts, a large supplier of ebooks to public libraries in the UK and other countries; operates VLeBooks which powers ebook checkout systems for academic libraries) / Palace Marketplace (used by about 400 public library systems in the United States to acquire ebooks).