I’ve become a prolific, compulsive writer. Whatever it is in my head that allows me to do this is never quiet. I have to actively ignore it to do any non-writing things. Which is good for my readers, because there are always new stories on the way.

  This page shows the books that are definitely coming out at some point.

  For the non-Visions of the Future books, the publication date may change, but the book’s written. Visions of the Future anthologies don’t get written in advance. They build over the year and get assembled in October. However, for my scheduling, I like to have a few future volumes titled and set up.

   Hopefully, some or all of these intrigue you. Keep checking in. There’s a lot more to come. As I complete each new book – and my draft readers agree it’s viable, not just a lot of prose in close formation – I’ll add it to this page.