I’m a staff writer for 365 Tomorrows. I write four stories a month for the site. Like many of the 10,000+ visitors there each day, I read every story published.

These are my favourites.

A Moment of Creation by Phil Manning
A Patient Found in a Field Near Kent by Jabez Crisp
A Shared Interest in History by Juliette Harrisson
Before Resurrection by Andrew Bale
Computer Assistance by R.J. Erbacher
Confessions of a Tree Nymph by Holly Lyn Walrath
Cows by Gary Will Kreie
Don’t Touch That by Cheryl Wood Ruggiero
Door Number One by Christopher Stewart
Easter Egg Hunt by Duncan Shields
Elevation by Stephen R. Smith
Empathy Test
by George R. Shirer
Empty by Richard D. Deverell
Everywhere I Go by Asher Wismer
Help Wanted by Suzanne Borchers
Make a Dog Mean by Jason Frank
Midnight by Mae Thann
No Sound Tonight by Jordan Mason
One More Shot by Griffon Kaye
Pilgrimage by Roi R. Czechvala
Planet G32A: Tzogg-Char by David Penn
Prophet and Lösch by Q.B. Fox
Roadkill by Janet Shell Anderson
Security by Servaya
Seeker at the Galaxy’s Edge by Hillary Lyon
She’s in my Head, While I’m in Hers by James McGrath
Skyhook Waypoint by Stephen R. Smith
Sorry by Richard Chins
The Gravity of You by Michael Ryder
The Longest Distance by Aaron Koelker
The Stars Shall Weep Yet Shine Ever On by Marina Dudenhoefer
The Waiter by John Pedersen
Time Was by Roger Dale Trexler
Vault Six by Andrew Hawnt
Waves by Nils Holst


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