Three Stars Each cover imageVisions of the Future – Bringing you stories of intrigue, action, love, and adventure from near and far.

Every tomorrow leads to another. The further they go from today, the stranger they could be. That’s the simple but open-ended inspiration for much of my shorter fiction. Every September/October, I collate everything I’ve written over the previous year and create a digital volume for your enjoyment, which is published in December.

From alternate history, through dystopian tomorrows, to the furthest reaches of mankind’s colonisation of space, I use the flash fiction format, interspersed with short fiction pieces, to provide many tales to enchant and entertain.

Published in 2023, this is the thirteenth volume of my annual anthologies. (Three Stars Each was the name of the first Babylonian star catalogue, created around 1200BC.)


Original cover artwork by Simon J. Mitchener ( All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission.
Copyright Julian M. Miles.