Haajinn front cover

There’s a war on. It’s not about oil, or who’s oppressing who, or which dictator has or hasn’t paid their dues to the right superpower. It’s about the survival of everyone, but we’re still meant to do it without attracting attention.

Grif and his Solomon Team have been at the forefront of the war for many years. He’s beginning to think those who command them are missing the big picture.

Then supposedly mindless opponents start demonstrating a malign intelligence, and the genie he formed a pact with out of desperation has to save him from certain death for the seventh time in under a year. Things have never turned this bad this quickly, and he’s sure it’s about to get worse: somebody seems to be trying to kill all the Solomon Teams.

Who could do that, why would they try, and how does he stop whatever is sending jinn to wreak havoc on Earth?

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EBOOKS books2read.com/haajinn or direct from Godless.

Original B&W skull cover art by Miguel Patiño. Crop, eyes, colourisation and FX by me.

PS: The hardback will have an alternate cover –
Haajinn hardback cover H400