Book title showing head of Southern Wyvern The stories about animals fleeing a wyvern incursion are largely true. That said, the tale-teller’s favourite of the forest going deathly still on the approach of a wyvern is pure showmanship. If there’s a wyvern that close, the local wildlife has already run away, and you missed your cue to leave.

Ullr Larnesson’s definitive guide, revealing the secrets of surviving ten years in this bloody and brutal trade.

A 40-page signed limited edition booklet with stunning illustrations by Stu Dickson.

It’s £4 plus £3.50 shipping in the UK.
If you’re interested in a copy of this fine missive from the mythical realm of Khyr, email me (if you’re not in the UK, let me know where you are so I can work out the correct shipping cost).


The artwork above and all internal artwork (excepting Lizards of the Host imagery) by Stu Dickson ( All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission.
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