Cover art in progress splash image. It’s said that working with ropes, not words, is the craft which truly enables a civilisation.
It’s also said that the one who first taught that craft was punished by God, but there are apocrypha that use the word ‘betrayed’ instead of ‘punished’.

Nathan and those under his command have been saving the world from monsters for many years. Now a witch they thought bound has mysteriously escaped confinement. Finding out how and killing her are essential. He has no problem if other sinners die along the way.

Jack’s happy to meander through life. He’s had no problem keeping out of trouble since Lorryn left, but has just stumbled across a fascinating picture as well as something beyond awful during a house clearance.

All Lorryn ever wanted is to work magic and live free. But after making a pact to escape confinement by religious fanatics, she’s realised she might have inadvertently freed something incredibly dangerous.

She needs his help, and he needs hers, although neither have realised it yet.

An angel horror x modern Cthulhu Mythos thriller, coming in Summer 2026.