Click Click front cover image Captain Dew runs one of those deep, dark military projects. The sort where nobody gets medals, no matter how many victories.

Tolridge is one of his technicians. He’s had enough of the project.

Crowther is the other technician. He’s sure there’s something shady about Tolridge.

Private Lowry just wants to complete his remaining service, then get as far from the project as possible.

Kul is an AI from a different project who should never have been reactivated. Nobody is shutting it down again without a fight.

Lance Corporal Edwards is the latest test subject for the project, and she’s not happy about it. She’s leaving – as soon as she can work out how to do it without dying for a second time!

A cyberpunk horror thriller coming in Spring 2026.

Original artwork by Simon J. Mitchener ( All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission.
Copyright 2022 Julian M. Miles