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The many possibilities of the future: mankind rising to new heights, or falling to dystopian delusions and eventual ruin. Between those extremes and along the way are millennia filled with lives and adventures.
From alternate history, through dystopian tomorrows, to the furthest reaches of mankind’s colonisation of space, I use the flash fiction format, interspersed with short fiction pieces, to provide many tales to enchant and entertain.

This paperback-only collection – third of a trio, the other two being Face Down in Wonderland and Long Way Home – draws from the out-of-print first five volumes of my Visions of the Future anthologies, and includes two additional stories written for this volume.



Original cover artwork by Simon J. Mitchener ( All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission.
Copyright 2016 Julian M. Miles

There’s a huge digital omnibus that includes the stories from this trio of paperbacks (except the exclusives): Three Hundred Tomorrows