Winter Magic third edition front cover image The principles of an old tradition renewed.

This book is meant for experienced practitioners of magic or those who feel it call to them in some way.

However this book arrives in your hands, the use of the contents is your responsibility. I was given a toolkit to pass on; I trust that you will use it as a telescope, microscope, mirror, and/or remedy for the things that just cannot be addressed by more straightforward means.

Use of magic is the last option. Not the first.

This is a 103-page, A5 format signed limited edition paperback. (There are less than five copies remaining.)

It’s £5 plus £3.50 shipping in the UK. If you’re interested in a copy of this, email me (if you’re not in the UK, let me know where you are so I can work out the correct shipping cost).

* Please note: I currently intend for there to eventually be a revised edition published. However, this will only occur sometime after the last of the limited edition sells out. *

Copyright 2013 Julian M. Miles