Scathe : Julian M. Miles

DI Dan Higgin is sent to take over an operation in NW13 after the lead officer is hospitalised. He’s to solve and conclude a gruesome case that had been thought closed.

Dan’s used to dealing with strange cases, but the evidence retrieved supports unbelievable reports that are coming in. Those and the escalating number of victims force some unusual choices upon him.

As he and his team discover the background to the situation, more mysteries come to light. The motives of those causing the mayhem are tangled. Some are modern, others seem rooted deep in the past.

What eventually becomes clear is the nature of the threat.

In a race against time, they must unravel a mix of mad science, ancient secrets, greed and revenge before it kills them all and goes on to kill thousands more.



EBOOKS or direct from Godless.

Original artwork by Leanne Blakey-Novis of Red Cape Graphic Design. All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission.
Copyright 2019 Julian M. Miles

All of my modern Cthulhu Mythos horror stories are set in the same universe – The Nighted Kingdom. While each book contains a story with a plot that stands on it’s own, there are connecting themes, further details about the world, and recurring characters. If you want to read them in order, this is the third, set in 2017.

PS: The hardback has a full-wrap cover –
Scathe hardback full-wrap cover

Plus, there’s also a signed limited edition paperback with an alternate, full-wrap ‘Eyes’ cover. –
Scathe Limited Edition cover image
It’s £7 plus 3.50 shipping in the UK.
If you’re interested in a copy, email me (if you’re not in the UK, let me know where you are so I can work out the correct shipping cost).